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We develop
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Artificial Intelligence made in Germany

Armin Berger, Bündnissprecher QURATOR und Geschäftsführer 3pc

Exploring the Future of Digital Communication

These days, those who don't communicate digitally simply aren't noticed. The result: More and more content has to be edited for a wide variety of devices in the shortest possible time - information management is increasing dramatically. To ensure that companies and organisations keep afloat in everyday life, the QURATOR project is working on an innovative approach: Curation technologies based on artificial intelligence support knowledge workers, media managers and business strategists in enriching and structuring digital content with machine-readable data and using it profitably. QURATOR 2020

Data has a better idea - Ersetzt Künstliche Intelligenz bald den Vertriebsmitarbeiter?

Artificial intelligence shapes the future. Are you ready for change? We are!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field where the future is being negotiated. What innovations are associated with the technology of our time? How can you put its enormous potential to practical use? Are you ready for change? We are already using innovative AI solutions to improve digital communication and explore industry-specific use cases. Our approach is radically holistic and user-centric – from the overall strategy and interaction design to vivid user experience and tailor-made applications. For almost 25 years, we have been making digital transformation a success story for our customers. Our AI Research Project

We're suffering from information overload. By using the latest technologies the QURATOR project partners aim to improve how we deal with information and make it more accessable.

Armin Berger, CEO 3pc and spokesman QURATOR project

Dr. Georg Rehm, DFKI GmbH

QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

At the conference, fields of application for various industries and areas such as media, cultural heritage, healthcare, logistics, energy and industry were presented. In workshops the participants were able to test the first demos and tried out concrete application scenarios with the QURATOR experts - for storytelling and exhibition curating, risk monitoring, process and knowledge management, personalised medicine and other promising application areas. QURATOR

For almost 25 years, we have been making digital transformation a success story for our customers.

André Tobolski, developer

Wahl-O-Mat - Germany's most popular voting tool

The interactive voting tool, Wahl-O-Mat (‘Voting Machine‘) has become an inherent part of voting behaviour in Germany since the 2002 parliamentary elections. The award-winning tool, and its ergonomic and distinct look, was developed in close collaboration with German Federal Agency for Civic Education. The tool is compatible with iPhone, iPad and android smartphones. It is now recognised and used nation-wide.

Learn more in this paper by Renwick und Michela Palese: Doing democracy better - How can Information and Discourse in Election and Referendum Campaigns in the UK be improved? 

Berliner Internetagentur 3pc: Wir fördern Vielfalt!

It's all about diversity

Our work depends on a variety of skills and talents to keep our customers excited about the innovative and creative websites, apps and digital applications of the future.