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Projects with purpose

For over 26 years, we have been working with remarkable institutions from the sectors of education, science, culture, administration and business. 

Things all of our projects have in common are their demand at a high standard of editorial quality, their complexity and the fact that they are part of a greater societal change – a fact we are always aware of as we are working on them.

Throughout our work, an innovative and strategic outlook is key. At the same time, we have the highest demands concerning the usability, the design and the underlying technology of our work. All of these components must prove sustainable in the long term.

The projects that excite us are socially relevant, they matter. At the same time, they enable and inspire us to try out new ideas and concepts.

In all contexts, we value a comprehensive understanding of the diverse organizational cultures of our clients. We know how to support employees in change processes and how to moderate cultural change.

We see consulting as a joint process in which we use co-creative elements as effective and active forms of collaboration. Our aim is to involve all relevant stakeholders in finding solutions in order to achieve an optimal result that will be accepted in the long term.


Our work has received many awards. We work on our projects with exacting journalistic standards and the highest benchmarks for design and usability. For this, 3pc was awarded the Grimme Online Award as well as numerous other prizes.

"In a world in which we are permanently surrounded by media and in which technical evolution is changing our perception, user interfaces - the interfaces between man and machine - play a key role. This is where the future is negotiated and where we help shape it.“

Armin Berger, founder and CEO

Selected Projects

Germany's most popular voting tool

The interactive voting tool, Wahl-O-Mat (‘VotAutomaton‘) has become an indispensable part of voting behaviour in Germany since the 2002 parliamentary elections. The award-winning tool, and its ergonomic and distinct look, was developed by us in close collaboration with the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. It is regularly number 1 in the app stores and is one of Google's most popular search terms. Its user-centric make and its unique gamification of politics set it apart, which is the reason why it has been played over 100 million times.
The tool is compatible with iPhone, iPad and android smartphones.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research - #innovationsland Deutschland campaign

Innovation - what does that actually mean? For Germany, the world; for each and every one of us? How can we encourage the powers of innovation in our country? - These are questions that we have dealt with intensively for the #innovationsland Deutschland campaign. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we developed a strategy and a design concept for the digital campaign together with the lead agency and are jointly responsible for the design of the comprehensive campaign program.

A new digital identity for the Goethe Institut

The Goethe-Institut is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany and has been advancing foreign cultural and educational policy worldwide for over 50 years. What does the Goethe-Institut with its 157 offices in 98 countries stand for in the digital age? With an audit on its overall digital presence, we systematically analyzed the Goethe-Institut's digital strategy to date and developed recommendations on how the renowned organization should position itself in the future. With the establishment of the Goethe Lab as a new organizational unit, the Goethe-Institut is now repositioning itself in the area of innovative language technologies.

Berliner Institut für Gesundheitsforschung

Berlin Institute of Health: How Research becomes Healthcare Policy

The Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), located at the renowned university hospital Charité, is a scientific institution for medical translation and precision medicine. The BIH is dedicated to new approaches for better prognoses and novel therapies as well as unsolved health problems. We provide support for the BIH and have completely relaunched their website. In the course of a relaunch process, the multisite was subjected to a continuous technical, content-related and visual refresh in individual work packages. Our challenge was to present the technical system, which had grown over time into a complex content structure, in a user-optimized manner containing information appropriate to the target group.

Our Clients

For over 26 years, we have been working successfully with federal ministries and public institutions, cities and communities, universities, research foundations, museums, cultural institutions as well as private businesses.