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Armin Berger

Founder and Managing Director of 3pc

Back to the future: the Internet as a democratic space

"Freedom, hope, rebellion - this was the promise of the Internet in the 1990s: The net as an open gateway to information, for everyone, worldwide. It's time for a rethink and a return."

Armin Berger

Armin Berger knows what he is talking about. He was there from the beginning. In 1995 he founded one of the first internet agencies in Germany: 3pc. For the Berlin agency, it has always been the users alone who decide on success on the Internet. And for Berger, they are not mindlessly clicking objects, but thinking beings. Taking their needs seriously and putting them at the center of all thinking - that is the company's philosophy and concept for success.

3pc realizes digital projects for renowned clients from politics, science and culture, who bring with them a complex portfolio with a highly challenging content. The "Wahl-O-Mat", Germany's most popular election tool, is just one example of how usability and social relevance are often closely linked.

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Armin Berger - Gründer einer der ersten Internetagenturen Deutschlands: 3pc

Today, Berger looks back on more than 20 years in which digital technology has changed our world - digital competence is therefore more precious than ever: "Digital natives are sometimes unfortunately also digital naives. We understand where we're coming from - that's why we can also better assess the opportunities for the future of the digital age, " according to Armin Berger. 

Remembering the spirit of the 1990s is more important to him today than ever before. In times of increasing disenfranchisement of users, filter bubbles and fake news, he wants to revive the Internet as a democratic space: for openness and the freedom of information. "Radical diversity is possible on the Internet. We have to allow it, endure it - and reflect on it", says Berger. "Making the Internet a place for political participation: That is our task."

Talks and Contributions

Armin Berger is a digital pioneer and an inspiring speaker. With great passion, he and his team drive the digital transformation in business and society. His talks are well-versed and practical on the topics of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and innovation in culture, politics and society.  

Analysis of the Wahl-O-Mat based on an interview with Armin Berger; in: Alan Renwick und Michela Palese: Doing democracy better - How can Information and Discourse in Election and Referendum Campaigns in the UK be improved?,  The Constitution Unit, University College London.

AI: Are we ready to hand it over to the machine? - Ted Talk for TEDxHUBerlin

Digital Innovation – Interview with Armin Berger for Connective Cities

Network and Projects

Armin Berger is part of many different projects in the field of digitization: As a focused listener and wise advisor, he is very well connected and understands how to transfer ideas and impulses from the digital world to the reality of German institutions.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research- Research Project Digital Curation Technologies

German Designers Club (DDC)

Advisory Board of Carta - Blog for the Digital Public, Politics and Economics


iF Industry Forum Design

Friends of the Berlinische Galerie

Xinnovations: thought leadership for the digital future

In the association, vision meets digitalisation know-how and innovation. It has fostered a forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of new ideas, technologies and projects. Our managing director Armin Berger is the chairman of the board.

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Armin Berger