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A new world needs new concepts and formats. It needs new skills and technologies - it needs new communication. We help you to explore the full potential of digitization and create future-proof solutions. With you by our side, we want to think along new lines.

Digital Strategy Team - Digital Transformation

Digital strategy

Together with our customers, we develop sustainable concepts and viable overall strategies. We attach great importance to the operational feasibility of our solutions and accompany you from problem definition to implementation. We flexibly adapt our approach to your individual requirements.

Some of our strategy services cover:

- Digital Maturity Assessment

- Market and environment analysis

- Vision development

- Measurement planning

- Process optimization

- Change Management

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Employee from the Websites and Digital Platforms trade

Websites & Platforms

We develop and implement web projects from requirements analysis to quality check. Important aspects such as accessibility, search engine optimization and responsiveness are taken into account right from the start. During implementation, we work with agile and classic methodology ensuring we adapt to your needs, creating efficient processes and a high degree of transparency.

Some of our expertise on websites and platforms include: 

- CMS Consulting

- Technical conception

- Web development and programming

- Accessibility according to WCAG standards

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Administration, hosting and maintenance

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Behind-the-scenes look at shooting a hybrid digital event


Whether it's virtual workshops, conferences or corporate events, we design hybrid and digital events tailor made ensuring high-quality live experiences in the digital space. Our interdisciplinary team takes care of the technical and content-related preparation as well as providing you with livestreaming support. So you can focus on your essentials: your audience.

Our event team can work with you on:

- Conception and execution

- Location scouting and studio setup

- Video production and animation

- (Live) streaming, direction and recording

- Moderation and chat support

- Tech support

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Employees in the creation of industry solutions for the areas of culture, health and administration


Artificial intelligence, VR/AR, headless CMS, microservices: to us, innovation means making processes and applications more efficient through automation and modern user interfaces. We tailor our products to your application context. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience in AI research.

Some of our Innovation projects include:

- Innovation consulting

- Technology development

- AI-supported curation

- Intelligent editorial systems

- Smart Storytelling

- Automated tagging

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Concept, UX/UI, Corporate Design - Internet Agency Berlin

Design & conception

We are committed to user-centered design. Our creative team works hand-in-hand to provide holistic user experiences that allign with the needs of the target audience creating products with high acceptance and longevity.

Some of our design and concepts include:

- Target group analysis and surveys

- User Journeys and Stories

- Design Thinking

- UX-/UI-Design

- Prototyping

- CD development

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Employees from the online editorial department


The competition for attention is getting tougher, and good content is becoming more and more important: we support the systematic analysis of your content, develop editorial plans and assist you in content creation. Our editorial team thinks across different media, uses all common journalistic formats and defines suitable tools and channels.

Within our content services you can find:

- Content strategy

- (Multimedia) Storytelling

- Text/image editing

- Video production, animation and infographics

- Content integration

- Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Employees of the agile support service

Agile Support

For the operation of complex web presences and the further dynamic development of your projects, you need a responsive and reliable partner by your side. Our support team is always there for you to find the best solution - fast, flexible and transparent.

Our support combines: 

- Analysis and consulting

- Tracking and monitoring

- Maintenance and administration

- Programming

- Editing and maintenance

- Quality Assurance

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