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eine neue Zeit

The future does not exist yet - How can we create it?

A dialogue between Martin Wezowksi and Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks about the Future of Tech and transformational innovation.

05. August 2020

Innovation and value are the new Yin and Yang

2020 has shown once again how important it is to be able to adapt to disruptive conditions. All of a sudden, changing situations forced companies to alter processes and procedures as well as to reorganize existing resources. Succeeding at innovation is fundamental in today´s complex global market. In the video, Martin Wezowski and Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks discuss how to tackle this challenge and offer new perspectives on innovation.

The video is a result of a cooperation of Exberliner and 3pc.

Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks, recognized as a global "Digital Trailblazer" and diversity & inclusion influencer, is the founder and CEO of BiTHOUSE Venture Group - UNITED 17 Venture Lab. She is also known as the founder of various community initiatives combining technology, community and executives in the US, Asia and Europe. In 2013 she moved to Germany. She has been working in both corporate and startup environments for over 20 years to prepare markets and launch innovative products in the context of software technology, biotech as well as music and entertainment. 

Recently she has been focusing on identifying specific talents within an organization, to create a space to think out of the box, cooperate with external partners to acquire and gain the skill sets needed to incorporate, launch and scale innovative products.

Her primary intention is to enable digital transformation while enhancing business sustainability. 

Her motto: "Bridging the Gap by connecting the Dots."

The future is not about "one-size-fits-it-all"

Martin Wezowski, who works as Chief Designer & Futurist at SAP in the field of long-term Technolgy & Innovation strategy, has set himself the goal of creating an open-minded space, where we are imagining the future we want to live in. He is working on innovation frameworks that require iterative exploration that can lead to answers to questions such as:

  • What will happen next within the ecosystem (of SAP)? 
  • What will our future working lives look like?

Before he joined SAP in 2013, he worked for 7 years as a creative director for Sony Ericson in Sweden. At universiy, Martin studied construction engineering, design and modern media production technologies. As a speaker, panelist and guest lecturer, it is his passion to talk about the future of technology. 

Having been named one of the 100 most innovative minds in Germany in 2017 (Handelsblatt Magazin), he makes sure to point out the importance of having a purpose and a vision before you have a strategy. Imagination is the fuel and the basic activity in this case. 

In the context of transformational innovation, he talks about the "Humachine".

His motto: "Innovation is driven by those who are forward-looking."

Both Wilhelmina and Martin conclude that it is important to think about the unknown - and to explore and embrace it.